My Debt Jungle

I really started paying down my debt in September 2016. At that point, I had moved back in with my parents and was separated from my spouse. I actually packed up and moved 8 hours away from my spouse just to get away. I was afraid for my own safety and even though moving was hard on me, it was the right decision. When I moved, I took with me all of the debts we had accumulated, both on my own and together with her. They are all in my name, so unless the court decides otherwise they are all on me to pay off. The original debt total I took with me, not including the vehicles and my student loans, was $35,169.18.

Here is the breakdown of those consumer and medical debts:

  • Unpaid Tolls – $25.75
  • Anesthesia – $336.52
  • Surgery (1) – $472.59
  • MRI from 2015 – $580
  • Surgery (2) – $1,106.04
  • Verizon – $1,093.71
  • Past Apartment – $1,052.20
  • Credit Card (1) – $1,126.16
  • Credit Card (2) – $1,342.62
  • Credit Card (3) – $2,213.85
  • Credit Card (4) – $2,450.90
  • Credit Card (5) – $3,804.30
  • Credit Card (6) – $9,342.14
  • Credit Card (7) – $10,222.40

It really hurts to look at all of that. It makes me both sad and mad that I let it get to this point. I get sick to my stomach whenever I look at those numbers. Even though they are going down, my stomach still sinks whenever I see the balance. Since September 2016, I have definitely made a dent but there is still a long way to go.

Here are the balances as of 2/25/2017:

  • Verizon – $429.52
  • Past Apartment – $750
  • Credit Card (2) – $1,342.62
  • Credit Card (3) – $2,213.85
  • Credit Card (4) – $1,702.50
  • Credit Card (5) – $3,804.30
  • Credit Card (6) – $9,342.14
  • Credit Card (7) – $10,222.40
  • Credit Card (8) – $782.30

Total Consumer Debt – $30,589.63

As you can see, there are some that are no longer listed, but there is one that has been added. I have paid off the unpaid tolls, anesthesia, both surgeries, the MRI, and one of the credit cards – in which a settlement was offered and I accepted for 35% of the original balance. In a moment of weakness, I also purchased some jewelry for myself, hence the new card that has been added. I already had this card, but the company has since closed it because they re-ran my credit.

I have payment plans in place for 3 of the above accounts and am current on the added account (and plan to stay that way until it is paid off). The rest do not have any money going towards them right now. So, as of right now, I have $330.88 per month that HAS to go towards the above debts. My plan right now is to continue with those scheduled payments and save money to offer settlements to the other debts as I am able to.

I have a goal to pay off $15,000 in debts this year. So far, I have paid $2,500 towards debts (including my car)… $2,500 down, $12,500 to go…



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