March & April Update

I forgot to post an update for March, so this will be an update for 2 months (March and April).

In March I paid a total of $1,458.17 towards my debts and in April I paid a total of $1,465.88 towards my debts. That means I paid almost $3,000 in the last 2 months!! ($2,924.05 to be exact). I have had a lot going on in the last 2 months, and I am super thrilled at these numbers. Here are the updated account balances with the difference in the balance from 2/25/17 in parentheses.

Account Balances as of 5/1/17:

  • Verizon – $214.76 (-$214.76)
  • Past Apartment – $650 (-$100)
  • Credit Card (2) – $1,342.62 (no change)
  • Credit Card (3) – $2,213.85 (no change)
  • Credit Card (4) – $1,475.50 (-$227)
  • Credit Card (5) – $2,789.82 (-$1,014.48)
  • Credit Card (6) – $9,342.14 (no change)
  • Credit Card (7) – $10,222.40 (no change)
  • Credit Card (8) – $692.01 (-$90.29 – paid $120 but there is interest charged)
  • Car (1) – $8,001.93 (didn’t track, but paid $445.77)
  • Car (2) – $8,617.50 (didn’t track, but paid $546.52)
  • 401k Loan – $3,228.46 (didn’t track, but paid $255.52)

So, I paid quite a bit down in the last couple of months! I added both of my car loans and my 401k loan to my tracking here (and in YNAB) so that I can watch those balances go down as well. One of the cars was my ex’s car, but was in my name and I didn’t want to play her games anymore so I repossessed it back from her. So yes, I am only 1 person but at the moment I have 2 vehicles, which is not ideal but once the divorce is finalized I can decide what I want to do with the cars. Oh, and credit card #5 saw some awesome paydown in the last 2 months! That is because I got a settlement letter from them and was in the position to accept. I have one more payment of $507.24 to them in May and the remaining balance of $2,282.58 will be forgiven. Once that one is complete, I will be saving up and working on settling others one at a time. My credit score has seen some awesome jumps in the last month or so, which also makes me very happy! Things are looking up and I am moving forward! I still can’t bring myself to add my student loans to my trackers, here or on YNAB. I am still living in denial with those and just adding to them since I am working on my Master’s. I will add them eventually, just not quite yet.

Definitely have made some headway towards my $15,000 goal for the year… $5,437.54 down… $9,562.46 to go…



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